Soothe Your Skin with the Sensational Mountain Freshness of Alaska

Alaskan Dry Goods Co. is a brand new skin care collection. Using only the freshest ingredients, our founders have spent two years of dedication in perfecting the formula for our four key products.

Enjoy our signature Bear Hands Hand and Nail Cream, Cub Rub Baby Lotion, Bear Body Butter and Bear Balm Lip Balm, the first in a growing series of authentically USA made skin care products.

We do not test on animals; however our products are safe enough for all ages.  Our company is proud to be family owned and operated from our headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska. Although there is much more to Alaska than ice and polar bears, we hope that by experiencing our unique skin care products you can feel that same vibrant, carefree and liberating coolness that we love so much from our northernmost region of the US.

We believe in giving back!!

Proceeds from each sale will be donated to Providence Children’s Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. Every product you purchase helps to ensure the well-being of Alaskan children who are in need of medical care.