About Alaskan Dry Goods

For some skin care companies, the goal to be #1 in skin care is a top priority. At Alaskan Dry Goods Co., our main goal is to make people happy. We’d rather keep it simple, and we do this by offering the most refreshing, unique and high quality skin care products on the market. Straight from the heart of Alaska, we bring happiness to the faces of everyone who applies our skin care products on their body for the first time.

While most people think of polar bears and igloos when it comes to our state, Alaska is also known as one of the most picturesque and unspoiled wilderness regions of North America. Our communities are still close enough to forge lifelong friendships with neighbors and one in which people truly take pride in the work they do.

Derived from the imagination of founder Jennifer Darby, Alaskan Dry Goods Co was an idea that stemmed from her own realization of the lack of anything like it in the marketplace. After perfecting the recipes for her four skin care products since 2010, this adventurous young mother has finally launched an exciting collection; one with emphasis on using the highest quality ingredients. Her products contain natural ingredients, safe for the most sensitive skin.

Made with pride in the USA, we are a small, family-owned enterprise. Alaskan Dry Goods Co firmly believes in providing jobs for Americans, as well as donating a portion of its profits to Providence Children’s Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. Every product you purchase helps to ensure the well-being of Alaskan children who are in need of medical care. Our company continues to take part in community betterment efforts, whenever possible.Jennifer’s husband, Brant, has applied his skills to develop the Bear Balm Lip Balm and is very hands-on in their family business.

Together, their ultimate success will be in further growth of Alaskan Dry Goods Co to reach as many potential adventurists across the globe as possible. More products will be added as we continue to refine our next series of skin care recipes. We hope you will be adventurous enough to try it for yourself and experience the freedom of Alaska every time you use it.

Experience Freedom and
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